Monday, November 27, 2006

Prayers needed

Please pray for the Holy Father as he travels to Turkey tomorrow. In spite of numerous threats to his life, he refuses repeated requests that he wear a bullet proof vest.

St. Peter's Helpers has a beautiful prayer posted for the Pope as he travels to Turkey composed by Bishop William E. Lori.

St. Nicholas, patron of Turkey, pray for him!


Anonymous said...

My dk's and I have prayed numerous times today...I think it is a sign. My favourite saint, the one who I honestly believe is responsible for a miracle for me and I named my youngest dd after has her feast day on the day he travels to Turkey.

May her intercession and our prayers be heard by Our Lord.

4HisChurch said...


j said...

Speaking of prayers needed. Had a heart attack on Thursday (thanksgiving day) and am doing better but have a lot of work to do. please pray for me and for my family that they won't worry and they will leave things in God's hands.

4HisChurch said...

Prayers for you, J.

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