Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Medieval Mass

In perusing the net, I came across something very interesting today. Liturgical Fragments from Denmark has a recreation of a Mass from the late Middle Ages, using a 1450 missal from the diocese of Linköping, Sweden.

It is interesting to see this video. The Mass has changed very little until very recently. What is doubtless seen as a lack of "inclusion" of the average person attending such a Mass by many watching today, was a way of reinforcing the other-worldly nature of what was really occurring, so much so that, as the narrator says, sometimes, the only one to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord was the celebrant. Today, the continuum of liturgical piety has swung very much the other way.

There is much to see here that is not seen in many parishes today. But if you look closely, you will see some things that still exist in parishes that have not completely thrown out Catholic tradition.


Ginny said...

Very Cool!! I love the Medieval Period so very much and the music and architecture as well

4HisChurch said...

Yeah, its a neat site.

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