Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can it be true!?!

Catholic World News is reporting that Pope Benedict XVI is preparing for publication a new papal document which would give all priests permission to say the Mass of St. Pius V (which is in Latin).

This move would be, in essence, a universal indult to say the Mass in Latin. The prior indult of 1988 required the permission of the local Bishop.


Unknown said...

I wonder! We'll soon find out. :)

Staying in Balance said...

Well, the scoop on the Catholic bloggosphere seems to be that something will be released in November.

Now we have to find priests who are willing and able to do this. Many (even some bishops sadly enough) don't even speak Latin anymore.

Ginny said...

I so pray that this will happen. Hey you and I have Black Labs. My boy is Max and he is so cool. You can visit him on my flickr on my site if you wish. I think they are great dogs.

Staying in Balance said...

Cool! I dont really know what Sweetie is. She is mostly black with webbed feet, so we assume there is lab in there somewhere.

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