Sunday, July 23, 2006

Holy Silence

Silence is a sword in the spiritual struggle. A talkative soul will never attain sanctity. The sword of silence will cut off everything that would like to cling to the soul. We are sensitive to words and quickly want to answer back, without taking any regard as to whether it is God's will that we should speak.

A silent soul is strong; no adversities will harm it if it perseveres in silence. The silent soul is capable of attaining the closet union with God. It lives almost always under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

God works in a silent soul without hindrance.

~St. Faustina
Divine Mercy In my soul
Book I, Page 3


Anonymous said...

Silence IS golden. Sometimes it is a hard state to attain, that's for sure.

BTW, love the new pic!!!!!

Staying in Balance said...

That's for sure! Inner silence is the hardest of all to attain!

Thanks re: the pic. Its my "wedding" pic!

Unknown said...

That is beautiful. Silence is difficult at times to attain yes.

mk said...

As an interpreter, it's hard to be silent, it's all about communication for me. Yet I think of Jesus being as "dumb/silent as a lamb" before his accusers. In Greek (NT) that is a play on words dumb/mute meaning very humble and physically not speaking. An Old Testament verse says to do the opposite though..."open thy mouth for the dumb/mute/ for those who cannot speak." I think that's great. Be silent and yet be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves... the unborn, the oppressed, those who are linguistic minorities. What distinguishes us most from all other animals is our ability to speak, and yet dymphna/4hischurch is right about the holiness/prudence or silence. I interpret sign language all day and yet seeing sign language is very hard for me becuase of a eye condition that I was born with. I probably picked the profession that was hardest for me and the most unnatural. Especially if I have to voice alot of fingerspelling/numbers at the end of the day I am literally naseous and my eyes are moving so spastically/rapidly that I can hardly see. So God gives us the gift of physcial and inward speech/thoughts and tells us to be silent!!!! "Be still, he says." "Be silent, the Church says." Imagin, you have recieved a location, a message from the Blessed Mother, repeatedly...and your advisor/Bishop have authenticated it and then told you to be silent! Imagine you are gifted in a certain area that would gain you lots of attention or money and instead you are called to change diapers or wash walls. One other thing I pianfully learned is that what we want to teach/ tell others is 90% actually what we really need to hear/change in ourselves, and was not meant to be shared. Another reason to be silent is that kindness and silence in the face of persecution ( a nasty neighbor or family member) is often the best way for the other person to be faced with what they say and think. They dont need us to tellthem they are wrong, they need to realize this themselves. I think it is in Psalms or Proverbs that to bless those who persecute you is like reaping hot coals on their heads. Sometimes we do need to speak up though, but certainly NOT all the time.

Staying in Balance said...

Wow--that's a great OT bible verse, MK! Love it! And I like your interpretation of be silent, yet speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

So true about being silent in the face of persecution too! Silence is often the best defense, really, in the long run.

So often difficult in this society, though.

Saint Peter's helpers said...

Thanks for this treasure. The wisdom of God speaks through the saints.

Staying in Balance said...

Absolutely true!

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