Monday, May 22, 2006

Tea and God

I found a beautiful poem on A Cup of Tea and a Blog that I wanted to share. The poem is from Drifting, by Dominic Cheung (Chang Ts'o) who is a Taiwanese poet. They are love poems with tea as the main image.

The first poem really reminds me of the biblical quote,
He must increase and I must decrease. John 3:30
Love Poems of Tea
1 If I, the boiling water,
And you, the tea;
Then your fragrance
Has to depend solely upon my plainness.


Carmel said...

I can see how that poem reminds you of the biblical quote! Good thinking.
Although I drink alot of coffee, I enjoy tea. My favorite lately is jasmine tea, it's the smell! It's addictive =)
Oh and buying tea pots and cups is pretty addictive too!

4HisChurch said...

I love jasmine tea too for the same reason!

Arevette Avon said...

How does the milk and sugar fit into the picture?

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