Sunday, April 02, 2006

In Memoriam-- † Karol Wojtyla †

Song of the brightness of water

From this depth--I came only to draw water
in a jug--so long ago, this brightness
still clings to my eyes--the perception I found,
and so much empty space, my own,
reflected in the well.

Yet it is good. I can never take all of you
into me. Stay then as a mirror in the well.
Leaves and flowers remain, and each astonished gaze
brings them down
into my eyes transfixed more by light
than by sorrow.

~Karol Wojtyla in Easter Vigil and Other Poems


Saint Peter's helpers said...

I love the beautiful poems by John Paul II. Thank you so much!

4HisChurch said...

I just came across this book again. I received it in 1979 when he was first pope.

Carmel said...

I haven't read his poems before, that's a beautiful poem!!

4HisChurch said...

His poems are beautiful. St. Peter's Helpers has a beautiful poem of JPII on the death of his mother posted on the blog.

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