Monday, January 23, 2006

2006 March for Life

Pray for those who, at this moment, are in Washington DC, and other cities around the U.S., marching for life.

Life issues include not only abortion, but issues such as disability rights and euthanasia. A person's age, health or disability status is no reason to kill them.
Check out Not Dead Yet disability rights group.

Adoption is a very important pro-life issue as well. Many, many couples are aching to adopt a child.

Adoption Changes lives for the better!


mk said...

hate to be a biggot but the western world (exluding conservative states in the USA) are halving their population regularly (by ahving one kid each, abortion, postponing childbirth, using contraceptives, chosing to be gay). In the mean time (esp in europe) Muslims are moving in to take the places of the aborted and never-conceived locals. They also are having 6 kids per family. Muslims who convert to another religion or "fall away" have an automatic fatwa-death sentance on their lives. Women (even in europe) who hurt the family's honor in any way (college, refusing forced marriages) are also in danger. So muslims are forced to breed heavily while the liberal west has so room for children. Thank God for those brave enough in the west who are brave enough to stay home and raise kids....lots of them. These are the soldiers who risk everything (with no fault divorce sans alimony, childbearing is a huge risk. These brave souls are the oft maligned practicing Catholics, mormons, hasidem (Jews) and some of the Evangelicals. Italy is experiencing a new problem of immigrants (muslims) who do not like or accept Italian culture/values. This is a huge threat to the vatican. Unfortunately, I could only have one child but I pray that the God leads more devout (non muslims) to have more kids. BTW interesting quotes on Spiritdaily on the pope comparing the fluidity of Jewish/Christian scripture with the static nature of the Koran. Sorry to go on and on (in my MA deree in theology I wrote a paper on the nature of Islamic revelation) but having babies is the number one way to preserve any sanityon this planet. The number two way is for Christians/Catholics/Jews of all stripes from all continents to flood Europe as missionaries because not only is it a spiritual vacuume for Al Quida to move in but they are exterminating themselves thru abortion/birth control. What is moving in its place is a very violent and harsh alternative.

4HisChurch said...

Well, some of these countries are beginning to become concerned because their birth rate is below replacement rate.

4HisChurch said...

Oh, I second your applause of those much maligned in our society who are willing and able to have and love lots of children. There is a bit of a movement going on among young "orthodox" Catholics and it is very heartening.

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