Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Should we boycott Beijing?

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics approaching, I can't help but remember the U.S. Boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. At the time, I was disappointed, along with the athletes who didn't get to take part.

I wonder, though--should the U.S. boycott the upcoming Olympics in Beijing? China as a country, is far from a shining example of "human rights". Their one child policy of enforced abortions go against the ethics of even many secular people in the U.S.

Their continued persecution of Chinese Catholics is very worrisome. Reuters news service reports that China has arrested an underground Catholic bishop. None of this can be good for future relations between China and the Vatican.


Meepers said...

It would sure be nice if SOMEONE would do something about our favored nation relationship with China. It's just scary that we're so buddy-buddy with 'em.

Saint Peter's helpers said...

We've compromised too much by allowing China to dominate the world market. You rarely find anything that's not made in China. Even Bombay Company is made in China.

With all the persecution of Christians and the ongoing abuse of human rights, their hosting the next Olympics does not appear to be something ultimately legitimate in my mind.

4HisChurch said...

Yeah, I am worried too, about China. Does anyone know any details behind the supposed closer relations between China and the Vatican?

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