Sunday, July 03, 2005

No Casino in Gettysburg!!!

Well, the almighty dollar has reared its ugly head yet again. There has been a proposal to erect a 5000 slot gambling casino in Gettysburg, PA in the U.S., sight of the most decisive battle of our Civil War.

I'm not a gambling fan myself, but aside from the issue of gambling itself, this proposed casino does not fit the historic feel of the area and would be inappropriate.

If you have ever been to Gettysburg, or studied the Civil War and oppose this casino, go to for more information.


Missouri/ShowMe said...


And, Ive been to your link to No Casino Gettysburg, and I totally am in tune with the folks there.

I found you in Google....while googlin google for stuff for the message board.

Whewwwwwwwww.....we have to stop meeting like this :)

Thanks for the great blog....

Missouri and/or ShowMe depending where I am........;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi, there. I am a Catholic Gettysburg gal, too. And I am very involved in No Casino Gettysburg. Come visit our website at I guess maybe I have seen you at church :) Kathy P.

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