Thursday, October 04, 2012

Today is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, a saint who is beloved by people of many faith traditions for his love of animals and ecology-minded spirituality.

What I find in him that gives me hope is his reformist spirit.  When God spoke to him from the crucifix in the ruined church of San Damiano, He said, "Rebuild my Church, for as you see it is falling into ruins." 

Francis, a man after my own heart, took this literally and began collecting stones. 

God, however, had other plans for Francis.  Our Lord meant this directive in a spiritual and Church-centered way.  Contrary to so many of his day, Francis was a radical-love-centered reformer who stayed in the Church to change it from the inside. 

He somehow managed to do this while remaining ever-obedient to the authority figures of his day. 

We desperately need someone like Francis today--in our country and in our Church--someone who has the burning love for God to persevere in showing the people what loving God is all about.

Saint Francis, pray for us!

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