Friday, July 06, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

  1.  Tomorrow is going to be 102 degrees here.  This weekend is our Civil War reenactment which entails lots of, mostly middle-aged men, in wool uniforms with heavy packs. I pray for their safety.

2.  As I do not have a/c in the main part of my house, and refuse to sit in my bedroom all day, I've loaded up with lemonade, iced tea, and 200 freezy-pops.  I'm ready.

3.  Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  Why this devotion that some see as a bit over-the-top?  Because people do NOT understand the depth of Jesus' love for EVERYONE.  And, if our God loves EVERYONE with a burning passion, we need to treat them with the same depth of agape-love which wishes only the best for them.

4.  A lifeguard in Florida, was fired by his company for saving a man outside of his patrol area.  Apparently, the company was afraid of law suits and so, instituted this rule.  It is illustrative of many U.S. companies who pay more attention to the bottom line than company loyalty, fair treatment of workers and clients.  He has been offered his job back, after much public outcry, but has refused.  I hope a company with some sense hires him fast.  Other lifeguards quit in solidarity.  Good for them.

5.  Parade magazine recently had a poll on "Who is the Sexiest Founding Father."  Really?!  Our country has seriously sunk to a new low with this one.  .  The sad thing is, many people will see this and not bat an eyelash.  Is this what history has turned into--sex?!  What's next, which is the sexiest math problem?!

6.  I know I shouldn't follow these inane stories, but, in spite of the media's treatment of "stars" as nothing more than objects, they are real people.  Having said that, I was sorry when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise and turned away from her Catholic faith.  I sincerely hope she ends up with some level of control over her daughter's education and faith formation.

7.  I've got to get a better handle on my ADD.  Seriously--it is driving me crazy.  Seven Quick Takes Friday is great for that though!


Anonymous said...

I just posted that "sexiest founding father" link on my Facebook with the description, "Behold, our priorities." Wow.

I forgot all about how Katie left her Catholic faith. Maybe she'll come back.


Staying in Balance said...

I hope so!

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