Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I have a new blog category on my side-bar--Catholic Convert Blogs, including Conversion Diary, host of 7 Quick Takes Friday, The Recovered Catholic (as opposed to the prejudicial "recovering Catholic) and the newest atheist-to-Catholic blog, Unequally Yoked.

2)  I'm pretty horrified at the bullying of bus monitor Karen Klein by middle school students.  The linked article talks about the psychology of such group bullying. We need to get back to teaching our children virtues and modeling them ourselves.

3)  Forty years ago, hurricane Agnes ripped through Maryland.  It's still the one I remember the best.  High water records have been unmatched to this day.

4)  In this heat, I've been drinking sometimes an entire gallon of iced tea in one day.  It comes with the territory of not having a/c except in the bedrooms.

5)  This is a great article about the effect of our "culture of fear" on the future leadership abilities of our children.  I think the culture of fear is promoted by the media in this country and most of us don't realize the extent to which we buy into it.

6)  I've been enjoying my Kindle and especially like this blog, which gives detailed reviews of free Kindle books.

7) Today is the 68th anniversary of the GI Bill.  It got my husband through college.  Today's military men and women deserve nothing less.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the blog shoutout! I'll be adding you to my reader for sure. Pleased to meet you!


Staying in Balance said...

You're welcome, Christina! Love your blog! :)

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