Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jesus wants for us, first of all--PEACE.

Today's Gospel on this Feast of Divine Mercy, tells the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples who were hiding in fear after His crucifixion.  The first thing he said to this confused, guilt-ridden group of followers was "Peace be with you."  That is His wish for us.


He wants us to forgive each other. He wants us to forgive ourselves.  The very next thing Jesus does in this story is to impart on the Apostles the power to declare sins forgiven.  This was the crux of His ministry and something he wanted His followers to pass on--Forgiveness.

His Church, though full of horrid sinners, or perhaps, *because* of that, is the means through which He wants to pour out His mercy on the whole world.

He is waiting for each of us.

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