Friday, February 24, 2012

New Sidebar Stuff

I've made some changes to the sidebar that I wanted to highlight for my readers.

HHS Mandate Petition
Besides my Lenten Resources, which I discussed in the previous post, I've got a link to the National Petition to stop the HHS mandate at the top of the sidebar.  Check it out, click, and help fight religious bigotry in the U.S.!

Divine Office Widget
The next new feature on the sidebar is a Breviary widget which I got from Coffee and Canticles: The Divine Office in Your Life.  I'm really loving this way of praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  For someone who is online more than I probably should be, this is a very handy way to have the prayers for the various hours, the Office of Readings and the Mass in one place. (You can also use this widget on iPhone, iPad, and Android Mobile.)

If you look across the top, you've got the Liturgy of the Hours (under "Breviary) the Mass readings (under "Daily Lecture") and a seemingly endless variety of Prayers available (under "Prayers", of course!) . If you click "More" you can even choose your language and make sure the day is set correctly.

Elizabeth Scalia, aka, The Anchoress, has a very inspiring post about praying the Divine Office during Lent on her blog.  She tells her readers that it has changed her personally and spiritually.

Free Online Books and Films
Also, scrolling down the sidebar to the second to the last list, I've got some free online films, talks and tv, including free audio books, Christian classics, Catholic classics, and documentaries.

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