Monday, January 02, 2012

Saint of the Year Generator

Jennifer Fulwiler has a Saint of the Year Generator on her website.  Go here and click to get a saint chosen for you to accompany you throughout the year 2012.  They give you time to say a prayer before the final "click".

The saint I got is Saint John of God, patron of booksellers, which is appropriate for a book worm like myself. He also wanted to start a hospital for those unable to afford healthcare, an issue that has become close to my heart.

So, go to the St. of the Year Generator and get your saint for 2012!


TACParent said...

Your saint is perfect for you!

I got St. Catherine del Ricci. Patron saint of sick people.

Shrug .... At least she will understand me, eh?

Staying in Balance said...

We all could use healing of all types!

It's nice to "see" you here again! :)

Michele said...

oh btw, i made a post on my blog with a direct link to this post so that my readers can visit here and find a saint for 2012 :) thanks!

Staying in Balance said...

Thanks, Michele!

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