Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Saga of the Cave--A Poem

This poem is from The Well at the World's End via Vox Nova and links the cave of Jesus' birth with the one of His resurrection and man's past as the "cave man".  There are even hints of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. I love the idea that Jesus came to get us out of the "cave of shadows" and into beauty.

From a caveman, it is said, we came;
And yet, in salvation, we find the same.
From start to finish, Alpha to Omega,
Cave to cave, there is one long saga.
In the darkness of its hearth,
We felt protected by the earth.
Even Cain, that impious knave,
Had for his home an artificial cave.

Its darkness protected our vision,
From our disfigurement by sin.
Lights danced upon the wall,
And we hoped God would stall,
The wrath that we feared.
From the sun we fled, lest it sheared,
The conscience with its illumination:
We were afraid of its devastation.

Dancing with the shadows,
Mixing our dreams with sorrows,
We bound ourselves in the muck and mire.
In it all, God saw how dire
The need we had to be set free.
Thus, born in a cave amidst the sea
Of suffering, came the new man, the new creation:
The Godman offering us his jubilation.
Adam and his kin enslaved by the cave,
The new caveman came to save.
Into the darkest, cruelest depths of the cavity,
He journeyed, looking for all held in captivity.
To all who would follow, into the light he led:
By his love, all their fears were shed.
Up they went and out at last into the light,
They beheld a fantastic sight:

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