Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poetry Wednesday--Jack Rolph

Perhaps this is what Advent is about: to ask the Infant Jesus to melt the icy cynicism of our souls with His love.


I stand within a cage:
a cage of ice.

I am visible, yet distorted
by layer upon layer of cold armour,
forced upon me by the winds of change
to save and incarcerate the fragility beneath.

The few who have reached me
in hope of finding that which is trapped within,
have suffered the bite of winter's frost
while I stand helpless watching.

Yet I hope that one day soon a warmth
will shatter this prison and set me free
and I will smile without crystal aberration
that allowed me sight with perfect clarity.


Michele said...

very good.

Staying in Balance said...

This poem resonates, I think, with anyone who struggles with "dark nights".

Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

Wow! I really liked the imagery.

Staying in Balance said...

Me too. There are times when I fight cynicism and this is just what it feels like.

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