Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  I am learning the lesson of not taking things for granted.  Everything we do every day without thinking, so many other people can not do.  Getting out of bed, getting in our cars, making decisions about our day--these are things that so many other people do not have the ability or opportunity to do. All the things we worry about--all the things we *think* are necessary--are only trappings and extras compared with the great gift of love and of life itself.

2. God gave me an unexpected opportunity yesterday to go to Mass and confession.  I haven't gone to daily Mass for quite a while and was very thankful for the opportunity to be able to do so.  Something else that is easy to take for granted.

3.  My friend is nearing the end of his journey to heaven.  I pray his transition is a peaceful one and that he is given the grace of a happy death.

4.  There are some who would think that the tradition within Catholicism of actually praying for the grace of a happy death (which is the virtue we pray for during the 4th Glorious mystery--The Assumption) is morbid.  But, as the above brings home, we all must die and praying that we are given the grace of a happy death seems rather realistic and logical to me.  Memento mori.

5.  Speaking of memento mori, our parish is having an overnight adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Halloween.  This follows a procession where the children dress up as saints.  We in our culture need to be reminded that there is in fact evil.  If Good is personified, so is evil and we need to be on our guard (and on our knees). 

6.  The holidays will be fast upon us and since I'm eating a vegetarian diet, I've been thinking about what things to make for Thanksgiving in addition to turkey.  Fatfree Vegan has come through again with some delicious looking stuffed pumpkin recipes. You can stuff the pumpkin(s) with traditional stuffing, a wild rice stuffing, a  lentil stuffing, a cranberry stuffing, or pumpkin soup.  I like the idea of having a pumpkin be the culinary centerpiece of the table because it is such a seasonally appropriate vegetable and quite beautiful.  

7.  I'm loving my tupperware lunch box! It looks a bit like a purse, and has a spill proof container and cup.  Best of all, it is PURPLE and matches my computer bag.  Makes going to work fun!


TACParent said...

1. I can fully grasp this. This week my ds's wheelchair broke down. We think it's tough without a car. Try being disabled and having your electric wheelchair break down. You just can't hitch a ride, kwim? This also reminds me of "things" we complain about, like laundry and trash. Upon reflecting that means we have clothes and food. Not everybody does.

2. I'd forgotten that your new work schedule wouldn't allow you to go to daily mass as often as you used to. I know as the days get shorter that is a way for you to find strength. I'm glad you had the opportunity.

3. May Archangel Michael spread his huge wings and surround our friend.

4. I'd like to this of this as "Grace."

5. Will you be singing at this?

6. I think traditional stuffing in a pumpkin would look lovely. Which one are you going to try?

7. I'm glad you like it. I'm glad it's PURPLE!

Staying in Balance said...

1. For me, learning to be humble helps me to accept my own shortcomings and be grateful for my life instead of envious of others' lives. Pride is the enemy of gratitude.

2. Yeah, I'm going to have to make a point of trying to go to daily Mass more often.

3. Amen. We will certainly have an intercessor in heaven.

4. Absolutely. It is grace.

5. Not that I know of, lol!

6. I'm thinking traditional stuffing would go over well, so I will probably go with that. I really like pumpkin soup, though. Maybe I'll do one large pumpkin stuffed w/ stuffing and small ones with soup.

7. I do like it!

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