Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. We had another bird in the house. Thankfully, the dog was spending the night in the trailer with dh. Dh did a surpreme job of closing the bird in the bedroom, removing the window a/c unit, thus allowing the bird to fly to safety. The dog was disappointed.

2. I got a lot of re-arranging and throwing away done last night. I think I'm finally on a roll in that regard. Too bad I have to work today, or I'd spend it throwing away and giving away unneeded items to the detriment of all else.

3. It seems to be unseasonably cold here at the moment. Our little area heaters are coming in quite handy. Maybe that's why the bird came in--too cold outside!

4. Jeanne Jugan, founder of the Little Sisters of the Poor is now a saint. She lived in France in the 19th century and started her order by taking in a blind widow. My own aunt has been a Little Sister for 50 years.

5. I just found out that Dr. John Bruchalski, founder of Divine Mercy Care was a former abortionist. He returned to his Catholic faith and now runs a pro-life obgyn practice in Northern Virginia. His personal story of conversion makes his ministry all the more miraculous.

6. Rumors are going around that actress Katie Holmes has enrolled daughter Suri Cruise in a Catholic pre-school in Boston, where she and her actor-husband Tom Cruise live while he is shooting a movie. It is said that Kate is adamant that her daughter not be raised a Scientologist as Mr. Cruise would like, but a Catholic, as she was.

7. In spite of their movie-star status, Mr. and Mrs. Cruise are people who struggle with daily decisions as we do. And, in spite of the surreal nature of their lives, there are people who pray for Katie and the difficult decisions she is having to make.

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TACParent said...

You do tend to get a lot of critters in your home. Good thing you both just take it in stride and find a way to release them back to the wild.

I continue to be impressed by the work you are doing in your home. Great job!

It has been cold and rainy. The weather people say it will be warmer by mid-week. Let's hope so. I actaully saw the sun yesterday.

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