Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. My aunt, God willing, is going to move into an assisted living facility today. Suffice it to say that this has been a mini purgatory for all concerned--including my aunt. We are all exhausted now. Including my aunt. We all would dearly love to lay down this heavy burden of not being able to care for her properly. It has been a way for our family to pull together some of the lose familial strings and work together, as much as we can work together in this post-modern world, in this difficult situation. 

2. Caffeine and chocolate are not good late dinner replacements. Not even organic chocolate. 

3. My work software is giving me trouble. Even the new copy they sent me. One more thing in this purgatorial September.  

4. The last 2 mornings have been seasonably cool. Fall is here. I sincerely hope God blesses us with intense foliage to mirror our lives. 

5. One of my jobs this year is a remote job where I can work at home. I'm beginning to like it. When the software I must use works properly. Amish-ness is tempting. 

6. What law of physics says that children must get sick, and software must break down, always on a Friday?  

7. I intend to do something rewarding today. I may visit the convent in Catonsville. Or a Church.  


TACParent said...

1. I'm glad your Aunt's move went fairly smoothly. I will continue to pray.

2. This made me LOL! Great.

3. Sorry to hear about your software. Interesting adjective for how this September has been. Full of tests, that's for sure. The start of school, I suppose?

4. Cold and raining! I, too, hope God blesses us with intense foliage to mirror our lives. Could be a poem brewing there, eh?

5. And when your brain isn't too full to remember to send the notes. I think this job will work well for you, as things settle in.

6. It's been going on as long as there has been weekends ... that's my belief anyway.

7. At least you got to bed early.

Staying in Balance said...

This September just felt like time of temporary yet intense suffering. Definite Purgatory. I really hope for a beautiful fall this year.

Yes, I think there must be a poem brewing in there, that's for sure.

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