Friday, August 28, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

The week has gone quite fast!

1. I'm back to work now. This semester I'm transcribing some interesting and challenging classes which will doubtless test my newly healed broken wrist. I love learning new things and being involved in classes I never took in college.

2. I'm enjoying my new "computer case", which is actually part of a luggage set. I couldn't resist the purple! The cat is enjoying the computer case as well, though.  I'm hoping he somehow decides that shedding all over it is enough, and that he doesn't need to use it as a scratching post!

3. My mom's house is going on the market this weekend. I have a lot of cleaning out of stuff to do on Saturday. I woke up at 5am this morning after dreaming I was looking at houses. Oh, the power of the subconscious to remind me of things I already knew I had to do!

4. I just found out I have high cholesterol and triglycerides. I am assuming I'll go on some sort of cholesterol lowering meds. (My mom is still on them, despite her underweight status and tiny size.) Eating right would be another solution. That would truly take a miracle from God. God is up to the task, I'm sure, because I'm *not* sure I am!

5. My husband is now on Facebook. Once he found out that many of his military buddies were there, he signed up. He's loving the communication, believe it or not. Who said miracles don't happen!?

6. I'm still seeing the spiritual benefits of my Byzantine Rule of Prayer.  When one repeats, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner" 300 times a day, it tends to put things into perspective!  I'm finding that I am not as quick to judge as I used to be.  How can I judge others when I am a sinner too?

7.  Now that I'm back to work, I'm sure the blogging will slow down a bit, as will the book reviewing.  At the moment, I'm reading a story version of the life of St. Anthony, which is a nice break from the spiritual self-help style books I've been officially reading for review.  I'll post reviews of it as soon as I am finished.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week!


Fr. Christian Mathis said...

thanks for the link to the byzantine rule of prayer.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my kids' teachers gave me four Hershey kisses last week and I DIDN'T EAT THEM. God's grace is beyond understanding. . . .

Thanks for the short form on Byzantine Prayer, I've got your longer entry tagged for reading but I'm a lazy bum so your short take here should get me started.-- Marie

Staying in Balance said...

Thanks, Fr. Christian and "Two". I really like the shortness that is the Byzantine Rule of Prayer. As is common, I've tried to do a lot more at other times in my life, but this is not only short, but the whole "theme" is the same--you can't help but "get it" after a while!

"Two"--good for you for not eating the chocolate! That is certainly God's grace!

TACParent said...

1. I glad you are enjoying learning without the pressures of grades!

2. Purple is awesome. Tell kitty to stay away. Bad kitty.

3. You made a big dent this weekend! Way to go.

4. One word: Oatmeal. (I should be eating it too!)

5. I am surprised. And ... I'm still a hold out.

6. I'm glad you found this.

7. I'll miss your blogging and chatting on-line. Looking forward to the review of the current read.

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