Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Power is in the Eucharist

Today is the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord. This is something that is unique to the Catholic (and Orthodox) Churches--Being able to take within ourselves, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord.

Traditionally, today is a day for Eucharistic procession throughout our streets and neighborhoods. I know this is done much more often than it was 30-40 years ago, but the need is still great. Sadly, there are whole generations of Catholics who grew up never seeing a Eucharistic procession, or even Eucharistic Adoration. As Catholics, many of us were (and are) being deprived of our spiritual heritage.

Below is a video called "Jesus in New York" that shows a Eucharistic Procession in the streets of New York.

The Holy Eucharist--the True Power!

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