Saturday, June 02, 2007


Other people review restaurants, books or CDs. I review apples. The picture shows the four types of apples that I have recently bought and am enjoying. On the bottom, in the back, are Granny Smiths--very sour--Mmmmmm! In the front, looking similar to Granny Smiths, are Crispin Apples. They start out with a tiny bit of tartness, and end up with a sort temperature sweetness. Above them are Braeburns--not nearly as tart as Granny Smiths, but not overly sweet. Very good. Braeburns seem to have a beautiful apple blossom scent when cut. On the top is a Pink Lady. I couldn't pass up an apple with such a beautiful name--or a beautiful color! I thought that the Pink Lady would be quite sweet, but its much closer to the Braeburn in taste. I like it a lot.


Anonymous said...

Pink lady was my favorite for quite a while last summer. When you buy them organic they are even better! Sadly this year I haven't been eating much fruit. Not sure why -- but I think it would be good to get back to it!!!!!

On the side, I think you might be having just a little bit too much fun with your new phone/camera!!!

Staying in Balance said...

No, that's why I got my camera phone! I wanted to be able to take at least *some* of my own pictures for the blog! I bet organic pink ladies would be awesome. I'm into apples at the moment--can you tell?

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