Tuesday, May 22, 2007

St. Rita

I must mention the feast of St. Rita today, because she is the patron of our parish.

St. Rita was born in 1381 in Italy. She wanted to enter the convent but instead, submitted to her parent's wishes for her to marry. Her husband was abusive, and the 2 sons born to them were very much like their father. She prayed for them all continually. Her husband was stabbed, but repented prior to death, because of her prayers.

Their two sons resolved to violently avenge their father's death. Rita prayed that they would die rather than sin in that way. When they both died, she entered a convent and lived there for 40 years.

She died on this day in 1457.


Unknown said...

THat is an interesting story about St.Rita. She seemed to be a very persistent lady with her prayers. By the way, the new look with your blog is great, I know you have had it like this for a while but every time I visit I always think "this looks great" so I had better tell you no? :)

Staying in Balance said...

Thanks, Carmel!!

Anonymous said...

OFF topic again sorry 4HisChurch.

Did you watch The View today? I did and was disgusted by the viscious attack on Elisabeth launched by Rosie.

I have YouTube on my blog and my own thoughts on the show since the introduction of that bullying woman!Let me know what you think?

Yours in Christ,


Staying in Balance said...

Don't have a tv that works any more.

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