Thursday, May 24, 2007


Just an update re: my current house doings for those who care.

I am in the process of painting the cement floor of my sun room a beautiful bright dark turquoise. After it dries, I will sponge on some fake stepping stones connecting the two side doors using some stencils that I bought. I may paint the doors a light pinkish coral.

The original floor was an icky olive green around the perimeter, with no paint in the middle. (I think the previous owner ran out!) I am picky about my greens and this one wasn't cutting it!

Anyway, the turquoise is intense and makes the whole room glow, like you are under water. Once the rocks are in, I figure you can use your imagination and make the turquoise be either water, or plant material, peppered by a walkway of stones.

We are also debating on what to do with the TV that was in there. As our antennae fell over, we get no TV reception at the moment. We may use it to replace this dinosaur monitor in here. The poor cat will have to find somewhere else to lay!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds beautiful! It will make a lovely place to retreat during the summer.

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