Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Real Spiritual Treasure

Spiritual Treasury is a wonderful mission website pointed out to me by someone on a Catholic forum I frequent. Missionary priests all over the world are in great need of prayers and funds for the most basic of things for the people they serve. The Catholic Mission Office of the Archdiocese of Chicago raises badly needed funds for the missions through donations for things such as Missionary Rosaries, designed in 1951 by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, and various numbers of Masses one may request to be said.

A Gregorian Mass, which was popularized by Pope St. Gregory the Great, is a series of 30 consecutive Masses said for the soul of one departed person. Having this great number of consecutive Masses said for someone is almost impossible to accomplish today in many parishes, due to the shortage of priests. Many parishes' Masses are booked up months in advance. By requesting this through the missions, you can have this tremendous blessing for your beloved dead and help the missions at the same time. Many mission priests don't have a chalice with which to say their first Mass. A donation can also be made to purchase a chalice for a priest, which can be engraved with the donor's name.

You can request Spiritual Treasury to say individual Masses, a Triduum (three Masses) or a Novena (9 Masses) for a living or deceased loved one, or for yourself or a special intention.

You can even request these Masses be said for your soul in your will!


Anonymous said...

I could think of several requests .... I'll spend some time in prayer, visit the site, and get back to you!

Staying in Balance said...

Ok. I'm definitely thinking of getting some of these Masses said.

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