Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Miracle of Damascus

Another blessed "coincidence" today. In a previous post, I told you about Our Lady of Soufanieh, in Damascus, Syria. Myrna, the woman through whom the miracles take place, exudes pure olive oil (the type used for anointing in the Church) from her hands and face. I first came across this on YouTube, believe it or not, and it can be a bit...disconcerting to watch. I didn't fully understand why (theologically) she would exude oil, especially from her face...what did that have to do with the apparent message (of the apparitions she received) of unity of Christians?

Well, this morning, I was reading my morning office for today, when I came across this psalm:
How good and how pleasant it is
when brothers live in unity!

It is like precious oil upon the head,
running down the upon the beard,
running down upon Aaron's beard,
upon the collar of his robes.

~Psalm 133
This first of the (so far) 24 installments on YouTube regarding the Miracle of Damascus, tells about the biblically historical significance of Damascus and introduces us to the miracle.


Deacon John said...

Hi, I don't see your name posted but like me I see that you long and pray for the unification of the East & West Churches! That's what Mirna is all about! Yes, I pray that Psalm too, but never gave a thought about the Oil flowing from her hands. By the way, I think the Oil signifies the Holy Spirit too, anointing and all that sacred stuff. Thanks for that thought! I was given a video about her about ten years ago. Very powerful images. I also have the prayer card of the Icon that wept Oil.
Deacon John

Anonymous said...

I have heard about Myrna from Damascus for many years now.

Has the Church made any statement of her miracles? I would be interested to know?

Yours in Christ,


Staying in Balance said...

Hi, Deacon John. Thanks for posting! I'm 4HisChurch, and, yes, I do long for the Church to breathe with both lungs, as John Paul II said. I just ordered an icon of Our Lady of Soulfanieh.

Marie, I did read that the miracle has been approved by the local bishop in Damascus, Syria.

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