Monday, May 07, 2007

The Church Militant


Anonymous said...

Off topic here a bit.

I think in order to keep us all sane we need a bit of humour. I am also tired of 'political correctness' so I have done a post on my blog about such critical topics as Paris Hilton *rolls eyes*!

Why are so many people wrapped up in the nonsensical beggars belief!

Take a peek and have a laugh at my post from a Grumpy Ole Woman LOL! But remember it IS politically incorrect.

Yours in humour


Autumn said...

Dear 4HisChurch,

I hope you don't mind me posting this group e-mail here..I can't access your e-mail, as it's stuck in the RG forum! Please delete this comment as you wish!

As you will have noticed, the Rose Garden forum has been out of action for most of the weekend, and is still problematic as I write! This is because the forum providers, have been upgrading/moving their server over the weekend, and have hit unexpected problems.

Forums are gradually coming back on line, but in the words of someone on the FreeForums support forum, they are as 'slow as molasses on a cold morning'!

I am hoping things will all be back to normal asap. I am looking forward to seeing you all back there, and hope that this little interlude hasn't put you off! I have missed you all over the last couple of days :(

God bless, and I will keep you up-dated (which I should've done sooner, but it was originally only meant to go off for a few hours, and I didn't get chance to warn anyone beforehand)

Have a lovely day, everyone!
Love AutumnRose xx

Anonymous said...


I put a post on your site, I didnt see it show hopefully it will.

In case it doesnt, you have a lovely blog I will be visiting it often and will put the link on my blog I share with Ginny.

Yours in Christ,


Staying in Balance said...

AutumRose does have a very nice blog.

Anonymous said...


I read on our Cath News that Pope Pius XXII may be made a Venerable soon. I pray so!

He is one of my heroes of the Faith.

Peace to you and God's blessings:)


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