Sunday, April 29, 2007

Think of the Children

To continue my diatribe against our "culture" in general and the media in particular, the Wall Street Journal on line has an excellent editorial by Peggy Noonan entitled, We're Scaring Our Children to Death--Duck-and-cover drills were never this frightening. She begins by describing a horrifically violent mural depicting atrocities against Native Americans by Europeans that is painted on the outside of a wall of a public school--where children will see. The debate, apparently, is centered around the political aspects of this mural. No one has even thought to mention the effect it might have on children.

This question of the effect of violence on children inevitably leads to the media, and television. In response to those who say she should merely "turn the channel" if she finds television content objectionable, she then goes on to talk about what has been on our televisions sets recently:

1. Cho Seung-hui
2. Rappers
3. Rosie
4. Don Imus
5. Missing children
6. The Lancaster, PA murders
7. Global Warming
8. International terrorism
9. And, I would add, details, details, details...about...every sordid thing out there.

This, Noonan says, is what TV in Purgatory will be like.

Because of money, because of politics and because of selfishness, we are creating a world where our children are afraid to live their lives. We will pay for this in the future, I think. We cannot treat our children like this and suffer no consequences.

Hat tip to Mark Shea at Catholic and Enjoying It.

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