Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In Memoriam

I've been meaning to post about the anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death. The comments on Shrine of the Holy Whapping ask who do we turn to to find what holiness looks like now that both John Paul II and Mother Teresa have died? Good question. They were excellent modern examples of holiness in the Church and a true counter cultural sign within the Church and, of course, the world.

Both these pictures are from the above mentioned blog as well. To continue our rose theme, this beautiful white rose was cultivated in honor of the late Holy Father, and is called the John Paul II rose.

You can almost smell the heavenly fragrance.

But thanks be to God
Who always leads us in His triumph in Christ
and manifests through us
the fragrance of the knowledge of Him”
~2 Co. 2:14

John Paul II, Rest in Peace!


Innocent said...

To whom can we turn...

Good question. Let me think..
Papa Ratzinger, Cardinal Arinze, Mother Angelica..

I suppose the important thing is that each one of us should strive for personal sanctity.

Yours in Christ,

Staying in Balance said...

I agree. Personal sanctity is important. I was thinking of the present Holy Father as well.

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