Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What do we take for granted?

Do we take for granted the things that are common in our lives? Do we notice the trees, as they go through their seasonal changes, or are they just part of the visual "noise" that is our life?

Do we act as though the Lord is present in our Churches or do we treat His dwelling place on earth as if it were our own living room, or a movie theater?

Do we bless ourselves with holy water when we enter a Church? Do we genuflect slowly and reverently, or halfheartedly and quickly? Do we genuflect at all? Do we dress for meeting the Lord in Holy Communion as well as we dress for a job interview? If we (as women) were to follow the tradition of dressing accordingly, including covering our heads when meeting the Pope, would we dare not to do so when meeting our God?

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"Slavery ended in medieval Europe only because the church extended its sacraments to all slaves and then managed to impose a ban on the enslavement of Christians (and of Jews). Within the context of medieval Europe, that prohibition was effectively a rule of universal abolition. "— Rodney Stark

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