Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saint Joseph

Yesterday was the feast of Saint Joseph. The only hymn in our hymnal dedicated to Saint Joseph is called Saint Joseph was a Just Man or as my dh calls it, Saint Joseph was just a man!

Saint Joseph was, in essence, the adoptive father of Our Lord.

Let us pray especially for those who are adopted, those seeking to adopt, and for troubled pregnant mothers everywhere that they may give the gift of a child to another.


Unknown said...

I love the feast day of St.Joseph and amen to those prayers for all those adopted.

Staying in Balance said...


Anonymous said...

I never thought of St. Joseph as an adoptive father. Having been adopted, that makes me feel even closer to him than after Sister Mary Martha's blog.


Staying in Balance said...

My dh and 4 of his siblings are adopted, so its an issue close to my heart.

Matthew said...

After the Virgin Mary, he is the greatest of all saints.

From St. Teresa: "To the other saints, it appears that the Lord may have granted power to succor us on particular occasions, but to this Saint, as experience proves, He has granted power to help us on all occasions."

Staying in Balance said...

What a great quote, Moneybags!

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