Sunday, September 17, 2006

Prayers for the Pope

In light of all the goings on related to the Holy Father's recent speech in Germany, I wanted to ask you all to pray for him.

Someone on Catholic Answers Forums likened what the current Pope is going through to what Pope Pius XII went through in WWII--how much does one speak out given the resulting violence that is sure to follow?

Dear God, protect our Holy Father and give our world peace.


Anonymous said...


that is very wise. There are many Muslims now calling for the Pope to be assassinated:(. Our Holy Father definately NEEDS ALL our prayers.

It concerns me that he is still going to visit Turkey....Pray much. I included a prayer for the Pope on our Prayer page:).

Peace to you:)


Anonymous said...

I have been praying for him too.

Saint Peter's helpers said...

Definitely saying my Rosaries for him!

Ginny said...

I agree that the Pope needs our prayers especially now in lieu of all this madness recently. I am certain he wouldnt' have wished any of this to have happened and I am sure he is paying for it

Staying in Balance said...

I too am very concerned for the Holy Father's scheduled trip to Turkey. May God be with him.

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