Saturday, August 26, 2006

World TV

I have come up with a new way to watch television. I call it World TV. World TV would be a pay-tv set up where you can choose which programs you want from a selection of all the channels in the English speaking world.

I would choose comedy from the BBC such as Keeping Up Appearances, Waiting for God, The Thin Blue Line, Kiss me Kate, Chef!, Red Dwarf, Robot Wars and As Time Goes By.

My selection from the CBC would include The Red Green Show, and another one from S&S Productions that I haven't seen, An American in Canada. Come to think of it, probably almost anything else from S&S Productions would be great.


Kevin Whiteman said...

WHAT!!?? You brought up BBC shows and LEFT OUT Father Ted???

That'll be 5 Our Father's and 5 Hail Mary's.

It would have been more severe, but you had the good sense to remember Red Dwarf!

Staying in Balance said...

I actually haven't seen Father Ted! I'll have to see if I can find a clip online. That's how I found An American in Canada.

Red Dwarf is great!

Staying in Balance said...

Ok, I found a clip of Fr. Ted! I didn't realize it had some of the same people as "My Hero".

Brian Michael Page said...

Red Green is totally hilarious! That's my Saturday late night (11 PM) public TV. ;)


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