Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quiz Time: How well do you know the Mass?

Click here to take the quiz, How Well Do You Know the Mass.

(I got 100!!!!)


Darrell said...

I got a 90. My son is discerning a possible calling to be an alter boy right now, so I've been talking to Father with him about his questions, etc. So I'm currently up on the terms and stuff! This was a good time for me to take the quiz. Lavabo, for instance, woulda went right over my head a month ago! :)

Anonymous said...

Well,I tried to take the quiz. They wanted my name and e-mail address, etc. I usually don't participate in ones like that. I'm sure I wouldn't have done well at all -- but it would have been neat to see what I remember.

Saint Peter's helpers said...

Wow, a couple of them were tough but managed to get 100.

Staying in Balance said...

Good for you! I had a couple of "close calls" myself!

Unknown said...

I did not get 100 :( but if I do it again I will LOL. It was fun.

Jennifer said...

OK, I don't remember 99% of that from RCIA a few years ago but I did learn alot of it when ds did his first communion this year.

It was a fun, informative quiz!

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