Friday, August 25, 2006

More ways to endanger women--Plan B

Yesterday the FDA approved the Plan B abortion pill for over the counter use for those 18 and above. This is the first time the FDA has ever approved a drug in a higher concentration for over the counter use, when the lower concentration is still prescription only.

Given the widespread availability of cigarettes and alcohol to those legally too young to obtain them, it is naive at best to think that this abortion pill won't be able to easily fall into the hands of young teen girls without any knowledge of their parents or even their doctors.

I heard this morning, on Catholic radio, that the FDA has confirmed that a man can buy as many of these abortion pills as he wants, over the counter, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Wake up!!!! Abortion is NOT "for women"! It is used as a power play by men (and sometimes, other family members of the woman in question).

Actions that may result in conception need to be recognized for what they are. And the fathers of these conceived human beings need to step up to the plate and take care of them, not buy a pill over the counter to kill them.

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