Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chill out!

In searching the net for make-ahead recipes for my upcoming surgery, I've discovered a great site called Recipe Source. I especially am LOVING their chilled and cold soup recipes. Perfect for ridiculously hot days like today!


mk said...

are you still on south beach? just wondering what you're planning on eating after surgery.

mk said...

that's a great list of chilled soups!!! wow! Another idea while recuperating is to eat raw and natural. Less cooking/preparing. fruits and raw nuts can just be eaten as is. tomatoes bought locally taste so much better warm from the sun and not chilled as a raw soup/sauce. A great snack mini shredded wheats, raisins, raw almonds is a perfect meal. There is a trend to eat local foods, with little preparation. This would be great recouperation food. I've been reading about the idea of less of cooking/transporting food as a way of dealing with the energy/pollution crisis. Remind me and I can buy you some of the TINY lentils at my local indian store--smaller...they cook up much quicker than bigger legumes. Hey, cans of beans, chick peas-- remember them?? I REPENT of teasing you about your dandilion/grass tea in your college days-- you were a visionary--a maligned prophet before your time!!! :) I bet many of the saints ate lightly (less cooking not necessarilhy less food)

Staying in Balance said...

Lots of good points there, MK! I really do like red lentils. I think those, and the yellow ones, are so much prettier and more appetizing looking than the traditional lentils. And with this heat, I've been eating much less prepared food and more ready to eat. I love going up to the farmer's market on Saturdays and buying local cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and home made iced tea!

I'm trying to still do South Beach--especially when I'm not "out"--so I can get away with "cheating" on those "special occasions".

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