Thursday, July 06, 2006

What does your mood ring say?

Your Mood Ring is Blue-Green

Inner emotions charged
Yet, somewhat relaxed


Unknown said...

I got:
Blue Emotions mixed

I remember wanting a mood ring in highschool, they were the "in" thing for a while. =)

Anonymous said...

I got:

Your Mood Ring is Magenta


So you know me well enough! Does this fit? LOL Especially the first one???? I think I would have liked it better if it asked me a few questions.

My dd just bought mood necklaces for all of her friends on our vacation. So apparently, theyyyyyy----rrrrrrrreeeee back.

Staying in Balance said...

I was in Jr. High when the mood ring phase happened. We used to put them on the heater in the back of class and watch them turn purple!

Lifeisgreat--I think it fits except for the "weird". You are definately creative, inspired and thriving.

Mood necklaces? Interesting.

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