Saturday, July 29, 2006

What are you saying?

When ds asked the inevitable question about getting an ear pierced a few years ago, dh said, "You can do it when you turn 18." Well, he turned 18 on Tuesday and got his ear pierced on Friday.

DH is still asking, "What are you saying?" by getting your ear pierced. We are still trying to convince him that the answer is, "I'm saying that I wanted to get my ear pierced."


Anonymous said...

I think he is saying, "I'm 18 and you said I could." Now what was he saying at 16? "Will you let me get my ear pierced at 16? I didn't think so."

Staying in Balance said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I want a picture of his earring posted. Dd response was, "Whyyyyyyyy?" She thinks it's a "stupid idea". But that is just her opinion. She said he is going all punk, LOL. She did ask the pertinent question, "Is he out of highschool yet?" So perhaps she knows the "rules" before they are even spoken here?

Darrell said...

I also got my ear pierced when I turned 18. I wore an earring until my mid 20s, at which point I lost interest. The hole remains open, I could put an earring in today if I wanted to... but I da'wanna. I think it's a harmless rite-of-passage. I'm also in favor of letting kids do whatever they want with their hair. Hair grows back. Once you get to tattoos and tongue piercing and all that stuff, that's where I draw the line. Not that I'm anti-tattoo... I have two myself, and hope to get one to honor the Blessed Mother next spring... but I don't think anyone should get one until they're in their 30's. But that's just because that's what I did, so I'm being vain in insisting that my judgement on the matter is so solid. I'm also being vain in leaving a three thousand word comment, so I'll quit now!

Staying in Balance said...

Lifeisgreat: That's what I told dh's brother today--just to explain to his 10yo that DS was out of high school by the time he did it.

Darrell--I hope you post a pic of your Mary tatoo. I'd love to see that when you get it!

I agree with your assessment. One can choose to wear an earring or not, and, hair grows back.

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