Monday, July 17, 2006

Eureka!! I've found it!

I have discovered the origins of the music behind the aforementioned video about France's Zidane and his head butting antics.

The song is Sympathique by Pink Martini. They are a 12 peice indi band whose music is in six languages. They have released two albums to date: “Sympathique” (1997) and “Hang on Little Tomato” (2004).

To see their Sympathique video, which is entertaining and witty, go to It is worth it, people!!!

They even have a person signing. Now, I'm not sure if its American Sign Language or French Sign Language or what, but I know there are interpreters out there who read this blog--you know who you are!!! Fill me in on that score.

I am now totally addicted to this group--or at least this song.


Unknown said...

Pink Martini is an american group ! 12 musicians from Portland !

Staying in Balance said...

I know! I thought that was so cool! They're really great1

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