Thursday, July 27, 2006

E-mail bullies

I have a vent about what I call e-mail bullies. These are those seemingly well meaning people who e-mail you nice things--prayers, poems and pics--that are supposed to lift you up and make you feel needed and grateful.

All well and good, until you get to the end of the post. It usually has something like, "You must return this to 10 friends and the person who sent it to you to see the good results." "Don't tell me you don't have time to reply to this." And the worst, "Show you're a true Christian and send this e-mail to 10 people within 10 days."

See, that negates any warm-and-fuzzy good wishes that were delivered in the rest of the e-mail. It is the equivalent of saying, "I'm your very good friend--only if you follow these 6 easy steps."

Give me a break!

I have also found that these e-mails usually come from people who have NEVER sent me a personal e-mail in their lives. I just get these "you-are-my-friend-now-prove-it" e-mails.


Saint Peter's helpers said...

Yikes! I know what you mean. I don't particularly those kinds of chain letters.

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean, they seem so sweet til you get to the end and it's "send to 20 ppl or else" attitude.

mk said...

could this be the same bullies who insist they personally know people who hear directly from the Virgin Mary? I have one or two email bullies and I almost never open the email-never. I work full time and I'm not spending half my life reading "uplifting" email. DO these people ever get negative or depressed? Jesus turned over tables inteh Temple in frustration and Mary was peirced in her heart with despair. I have no patience for people who are supposedly only positive. They don't want to hear about my frustrations and I dont want to hear their poems and prayers written on the 4th grade level. Sometimes ya just don't want to hear about puppies and flowers. It's normally in really bad, cheesy ryhm. When they combine puppies with "our troops" and red roses-- well, as I said, I almost NEVER read them. I know! send them a return email, cut and pasteing Dymphna's comments about holy silence!! hehe

Staying in Balance said...

Good idea, hehe! Oh, in answer to your question, yes, you have the e-mail bullies down pat.

Matthew said...

I also hate those chain letters.

Staying in Balance said...

What makes me mad about them is the implication that you are not a good Person/Christian/Catholic unless you send out the email to more people.

Some Random Girl said...

I NEVER do those! They are reminiscent of chainletters which I don't do either.

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