Thursday, June 22, 2006

St. Thomas More (1478-1535)

Today is the Feast of St. Thomas More. He was Lord Chancellor of England under Henry VIII and he opposed King Henry's attempt to divorce his first wife and declare himself the head of the Church of England. For that, he was beheaded.

Would we be willing to do the same? Do you think that it could never happen in modern times? I can easily forsee a scenario where Christians would be persecuted by governments, even "democratic" ones, for their beliefs. Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable predjudice in many quarters. How many of us can withstand it?

St. Thomas More, pray for us!

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"Slavery ended in medieval Europe only because the church extended its sacraments to all slaves and then managed to impose a ban on the enslavement of Christians (and of Jews). Within the context of medieval Europe, that prohibition was effectively a rule of universal abolition. "— Rodney Stark

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