Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nicole Kidman lives her values

Frequent reader, MK, has reminded me to post on the marriage of Nicole Kidman over the weekend. MK has rightly pointed out that by choosing the Church over Scientology, Kidman has come back to her roots and the religion of her family and thus, illustrates her value system.

I made a similar choice myself about 13 years ago when I realized, after some trying life experiences, that God, and the Church are all that I really have in life. Everything else can change in an instant.

God is eternal.

His Love is always there.


Darrell said...

I'd seen the news about Nicole Kidman coming back into the Church, and I was happy for her. I know we're supposed to try to respect other people's beliefs and religions, but I can't help but feel that Scientology is the creepiest brainwashing cult ever.

Staying in Balance said...

Darrell--I agree.

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