Friday, August 07, 2015

St. Veronica, Patron of Compassion

In today's busy society, it is sometimes difficult to bring ourselves to feel true compassion.  Social media stimulates the mob mentality that seems a hold-over from our animal ancestors. It is so easy to give in to our busy grumpiness and blame the other for their misfortunes.

Even easier, is the tendency to let our anger get the better of us when we are put out, inconvenienced, or are targets of another's anger. 

It often does not occur to us to stop for a moment, and pray for compassion.  St. Veronica was moved to compassion by what must have been a traumatic and horrific scene. She somehow overcome the fear she must have felt to publicly challenge the Roman soldiers and wipe Jesus' face with her veil.

Jesus' miracle is his gift to her, and to us. 

St. Veronica, pray for us!

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