Friday, September 28, 2012

Art and Beauty--Ralph Heimans

Australian artist Ralph Heimans has done an unsurpassed job of painting Queen Elizabeth II for her Diamond Jubilee.

This close-up detail shows the queen's pensive expression as she stands on the very spot in Westminster Abbey where she was crowned, 60 years ago.

Her silver hair complements the diamonds at her neck and on her ears and leads one effortlessly to the silver ribbons on her shoulders, the white ermine fur, and the beautifully detailed embroidery on her dress.

After so many recent portraits of her done in unappealing modern style, it is heartening to know that this talented young artist chooses to show the Queen in a unique, yet traditional artistic style.


Michele said...

this portrait of elizabeth gives me the distinct impression of the weight of the world on her shoulders. she looks serious, deep in thought, and if i may, a bit tired. it looks like she has alot on her plate.

such is probably often the case with the enormous responsibility of what her title means. she is the head of a church, she has alot of nations she looks out for. i think this portrait pretty much sums up the enormity of her responsibilities.

Staying in Balance said...

Yes, I think you are right, Michele. She takes her job very, very seriously--much more seriously, I'm afraid, than anyone following her probably will.

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