Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is having "friends" in social media worth losing those in real life?

I am becoming very discouraged at the non-tolerant rhetoric I see on various social media regarding religion, and specifically, Catholicism.

Social media, apparently, gives people carte blanche to rant and rail against values long held dear by friends and loved ones (we're not talking strangers here) who they know read their feeds and pages.  Is this a deliberate punch in the stomach or are they so narcissistic as to think everyone values their insults?

If these things were said within the hearing of these "misinformed" friends and relatives, they would quickly lose the contact they currently enjoy with these people.  Is that what the goal is, or, again, are they so narcissistic as to think that someone would sit in a room with them, hear them insult values and things they dearly love, smile and go on as usual?

Do those of us on the receiving end of all this "enlightenment" lower ourselves to the abusive rhetoric?  I'm afraid that would not be productive, but I'm also afraid that doing nothing leaves ourselves (and our Church) open to insults and gives these people the impression that their rantings are morally neutral.

Is having "friends" in social media worth losing those in real life?


Michele said...

simply put, no. if ones in social media are cutting down the faith, being argumentative, etc then no. i wouldn't even give them time of day. real life true friends are far more important than anyone on the web.

Barbara Schoeneberger said...

I question whether social media is helpful at all. In fact, I've "defriended" people on facebook because of their stupid, ugly, disrespectful comments, and I only have an account now because my blog posts feed to my page. I hope that what I write may help a person or two. My real life friends are few but very good. The big thing about social media is that I think people spend way too much time on it and not near enough strengthening their relationship with God.

Staying in Balance said...

Last week, I found out on FB, that a high school friend had passed away. Two years ago, I found out the same thing about another friend the same way. It it is what keeps me checking social media, but it is painful to read all the anti-Catholic stuff. :(

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