Friday, August 12, 2011

Crockpot Yogurt

  • 8 C  milk (I used fat free) (Pasteurized is ok but NOT ultra-pasteurized)
  • 1/2 C plain yogurt with live cultures
  • 1/2 C of powdered milk
  • vanilla
  • 4 T. honey

  1. Put 8 C milk in crockpot on low for 2.5 hours.  
  2. Unplug crockpot.  Let milk sit for 3 hours. 
  3. Scoop 2 cups of the warm milk into a small bowl and add: the live active-culture yogurt, powdered milk, vanilla and honey.  
  4. Wisk together and pour into crockpot.  Stir. 
  5. Put lid on crockpot and cover with a heavy bath towel to insulate. Let sit for 8 hours. 
  6. Save 1/2 C for the next batch.
  7. Blend in fruit to taste. 
This recipe is from here:

I added the powdered milk, vanilla and honey instead of the fruit called for at the suggestion of a commenter who said the fruit (and maybe the fat free milk) made it harder to solidify.  They suggested adding plain gelatin instead of the powdered milk, but I didn't have that on hand.  Save 1/2 cup to use in starting the next batch.

The consistency is great and I like the flavor.  Fruit can be added per serving.  I had it this morning over frozen berries.  My dh eats a lot of yogurt--so much that I can't keep enough in the house.  Hopefully this will help!


Michele said...

mmm! yummy iam going to have to try this! thanks! :)

Dymphna said...

It's very good. Great to have on hand.

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