Friday, June 03, 2011

Bird Revolution

I think we're having some sort of bird political uprising here. We've got a nest that is re-used every year by some sort of purple finch. Lately we've been hearing and witnessing lots of noise by the cat birds (and, dh says, blue birds as well) in the bushes.

Yesterday, I witnessed lots of barn swallows flying around the finch nest. Something is going on out there.

Some sort of revolution is in the air.


Michele said...

could be territorial arguing between to the 2 species. it could be that either species has laid a nest close to each other, and they are trying to protect it. or, one is trying to drive the others out.

Dymphna said...

I was thinking it was probably territorial. I haven't seen the swallows lately, so, perhaps the existing nest was not to their liking, or maybe the cat birds won the war. We'll have to see!

Barbara said...

I like the picture you used with this post. Birds can be very interesting. It's neat that you can observe this up close and personal.

Dymphna said...

It really is. I saw the purple finches today, so I think they've moved back in. I'd like to get more bird houses around. I need to fix the bottom of one that I already have and get some more.

Anonymous said...

The battle of the birds! Take cover! ;-)

Well, it sounds like you have an interesting little drama going on in your yard. Keep us posted!


Dymphna said...

I will, Evan!

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