Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Poetry Wednesday--William Shakespeare

On the occasion of the 50th birthday of a dear, old friend, today's Poetry Wednesday will be a reading of Shakespeare's Sonnet number 30.  Having turned 50 the day before, I understand now, much more than when I first read this sonnet in college, the feeling of  "wail(ing) my dear time's waste" and having my "losses restored" by the great gift of a friend who understands.


TACParent said...

Kind of sad and morbid in the beginning ... but then ends on a happy note. Funny how I just couldn't understand Shakespeare in High School, but now, more often then not, I get it. Thanks for the birthday shout! Today when I awoke to the rain I thought to myself, "Well, Dymphna had the stomach bug on her b-day, surely I can handle the rain." I'm excited about turning 50 -- it kind of seems monumental to me. And it is so very nice to have a dear friend celebrating (or moaning?) right along with me.

Btw, does "old friend" mean you've known me a long time or that I'm officially "old" as in "aged." LOL

Dymphna said...

I love Shakespeare. Those sonnets are a bit like elongated haiku because they have that twist at the end.

I think turning 50 is both exciting and melancholy at the same time--like life. It certainly is monumental!

BTW, "old" meant we have known each other for a long time!

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