Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poetry Wednesday--Billy Collins

Having just been blessed enough to attend a poetry reading by Billy Collins, I thought I'd post his poem, The Lanyard, in honor of mothers everywhere.

The introduction is by Garrison Keillor.


Pedro Erik said...

Hey Dymphna,

You comment my comment in The Crescat blog about the expression I used: "real catholic".

Allow me to say that of course I know that Jesus ate with sinners. But what I wanted to say about "real Catholics" is that some people try to be celebrity and forget to submit himself to the Church.

The huge and important factor in being Catholic is this lesson of humility, when we all submit our faith to the Church. This is one of the great difference with Protestantism. The Catholics find faith together, through the Church, not individually.

Then, every Catholic blogger has to have this in mind.

Thank you for your comment.

Pedro Erik

Dymphna said...

That makes sense, Pedro Erik--thanks!

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